Whats New

Version 2.11.0

  1. New Progress Bar

    It is now easy to show how much of a survey has have completed.

    Version 2.11.0 includes an optional progress bar that can be displayed at the top or the bottom of a screen. The Progress Bar can be configured on a survey by survey basis.

Version 2.10.7

  1. New Dropdown Question Type

    The dropdown question type prompts the respondent to choose a single answer from a large list. This question type supports up to 10,000 answers that can be preloaded into the dropdown control.

    The respondent can quickly filter the list by keyword search and then select an answer. The search algorithm matches keywords anywhere within the answer text.

    Alternatively the respondent can scroll through the entire list and select an answer.

    New Disable Back Button Option

    By default the app displays the Next and Back buttons for navigating survey screens. You now have the option of disabling the Back button and hiding it from the user.

Version 2.10.6

  1. Web site Update

    The website has been updated to provide Enterprise level management for users with a large number of devices. New device management features include grouping and filtering. It’s now quicker and easier to assign surveys to multiple devices.

    App Update

    Added support for the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th generation.

Version 2.10.0

  1. Customize Font Size and Color

    You can change the size and color of the questions and answer text.

  1. Radio Buttons and Checkbox Color Themes

    You can change the colour of radio buttons and check boxes etc.

  1. Background Image

    You can load a background image which will appear on all of the pages of your survey or form to enhance your branding.

  1. QR Codes and Bar Codes

    You can scan QR Codes and bar codes and load their data into a text type answer. Great for capturing attendee data at conferences or even inventory management.

  1. Survey Lock and Brand Screen

    You can now add an image screen before the Start screen which you can “lock” so the survey can’t be started until you unlock it. Alternatively you can leave it unlocked and just use your branding to encourage participants to complete the survey.

  1. Italian Language Support

    iSURVEY now supports Italian and the iSURVEY team is very pleased to welcome all customers who work with Italian speakers.

  1. Android Devices

    The droidSRUVEY app for Android is now supported within the iSURVEY web site. Set up a single survey in iSURVEY and run it on a mixture of Apple and Android devices. Simply install the iSURVEY app on apple devices and install the droidSURVEY app on Android devices.

Version 2.8.0

  1. New Photo Capture Question

    You can now answer a question by taking a photograph.

  1. Grid and Grid Scale Questions

    Matrix questions can now be linked to other questions (iPad only).

  1. Language Support

    Version 2.8.0 of iSURVEY includes support for Arabic within the app.

  1. The Number of Results Awaiting Upload

    You don't need to open iSURVEY to see if there are results that need uploading. The number of results awaiting upload is now displayed on the iSURVEY home screen icon.

Version 2.7.0

  1. New Signature Question

    Do you need confirmation that someone has answered the survey or they have agreed to your terms or conditions? Now you can capture their signature using the iSURVEY Signature question type.

  2. New Image Screen

    Display an image and ask questions about it.

  3. Language Support

    Version 2.7.0 of iSURVEY includes support for Portuguese and Chinese within the app.

  4. Improved Image Selection

    You can now fit more images across the screen for single select and multi select questions. It is now easier for your respondents to select the image(s) they prefer.

  5. Multi-line Text

    The Text question type now supports multi line text responses.

Version 2.6.0

  1. Multiple Surveys on a Single Device

    Version 2.6.0 of iSURVEY supports multiple surveys on a single iPhone or iPad device.

    Assign one or more surveys to your device within the iSURVEY Web site.

    It is now easy to switch between surveys on the device.

    Touch the Select Survey button on the Administration Menu and choose your survey from a list of one or more assigned surveys.

  2. Survey Results Reporting

    The iSURVEY Web site includes a new Manage Reports interface for downloading results and viewing charts.

    Charts include new customisation options.

    The new Survey Health report includes calculators for working out your survey’s Confidence Interval (margin of error) for a given Confidence Level and Population size. View survey statistics including percentage of incomplete surveys and the average time a user takes to answer a question or survey.

  3. Language Support

    Version 2.6.0 of iSURVEY includes support for the German language within the app.

  4. SPSS

    SPSS results now include the survey Date, Result ID and Device Name.

Version 2.5.0

  1. Date/Time
    You can now set up your survey with a date/time picker.
    You can optionally allow (or force) the selection of a date/time.

    The date/time question type can also be set up with a default value.

  2. Grid
    This new question type allows many single select style questions to be presented on an iPad screen in a matrix layout.
    You can configure how many variables you want on the top of the grid, and also how many questions you want to display.
    Grid question types are only supported on the iPad.

  3. Grid Scale:
    This new question type allows many slider style questions to be presented on an iPad screen in a matrix layout.
    Just like the grid question type, you can configure how many variables you want on the top of the grid, and also how many questions you want to display.
    Grid Scale question types are only supported on the iPad.

  4. SPSS:
    Users can now download their survey results in the native SPSS format.
    This feature is currently in beta.

  5. Automatic Uploading of Survey Results:

    By default, you upload the results stored on your device to your iSURVEY Web site account by selecting the Upload button on the device Admin screen. In this configuration you choose when and where you want to upload your survey results and your device can be offline while conducting surveys.
    Using the new Automatic Uploading feature, the iSURVEY app automatically uploads your survey results. This means that while the app is running, your survey results will be uploaded to the iSURVEY servers in the background.
    This new feature is perfect if you require real time results and your device has a WIFI or 3G connection.
    This feature can be enabled/disabled on any survey within the options tab of the survey.

  6. Question Linking:

    The iSURVEY iPad App now supports the display of multiple questions on one screen. To take full advantage of the large, high definition iPad screen, simply link or unlink questions when setting up your survey.
    Linking of questions is only available on the iPad.

  7. Device Preview:

    The device preview now includes an iPad preview.

    You can switch between iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch preview to see how your survey will look on each device.

  8. Hot Answers:

    Optionally enable Hot Answers to detect when a user answers a question in your survey that matches your Hot Answer criteria.

    If an uploaded result matches your Hot Answer, the results are emailed to an email address.

    Hot Answers can be enabled/disabled on any survey within the options tab of the survey. You can configure the email address you want to send the notification to.

  9. FAQ:

    Our website FAQ section has been updated to incorporate all our new iSURVEY app and website features. The FAQ is divided into sections to make it easier for you to find the right answer to your question.

  10. App Start Up:

    The App start up time has been significantly improved.

  11. Multilingual:

    The iSURVEY App now includes multilingual support. The new language setting configures the language displayed in the survey on your device. iSURVEY currently supports Spanish, Danish and German. Contact iSURVEY for additional languages.
    Multilingual support can be enabled/disabled on any survey within the options tab of the survey.

  12. Enjoy the new features and please don’t hesitate to give us feedback.

Version 2.4.0

  1. We have fixed a few minor bugs. Enjoy the new features and please don’t hesitate to give us feedback.

Version 2.3.0

  1. There’s a new (and very cool) Likert scale slider:
    You can now define scale intervals and give each interval a label.
    The labels appear in a bubble above the slider as it is moved to each interval divider. If you like the old one, that’s still there for you.

  2. Multi-choice questions now allow “None of the above” or “Other” answer types (you can change what words are used).
    You can optionally allow (or force) the entry of a text answer in response to selecting this answer and, as you would expect, selecting this answer disables all the other answers above.
    Randomisation is still handled.

  3. You can prefix or suffix answers with labels that you choose. For example a question about the price of entry to an event might have a dollar amount as the answer.
    You can use the new prefix functionality to put a dollar sign in front of the numeric answer.

  4. You can define the number of decimal places that a numeric answer allows / requires.

  5. The device registration has been made much easier.
    You only have to enter an Device Password and the Device User Name (which you choose) and you do that from the new Admin screen in the app itself not in the iSURVEY Settings.

  6. The Admin screen has been made easier to access.
    It now shows after each Test Mode result has been gathered but it doesn’t show once the survey has been Published (ie purchased).
    You can change the iSURVEY Settings to still show the Admin screen after every result even in Published mode if you want to.

  7. We have added a new format for results downloads

  8. We have fixed a few minor bugs and network handling problems and generally given the app a polish!

  9. Enjoy the new features and please don’t hesitate to give us feedback.