iSURVEY Data Collection Features

Survey App Made for iPad, iPod Touch & iPhone Devices

iSURVEY can use either device. You have the option of using multiple devices to conduct a survey.

The iPad app has been made to take advantage of the large iPad screen. It supports multiple questions on a single screen, high definition graphics and text. It is the ideal mobile data collection tool.

iSURVEY on iTunes

iPad iPhone

Android App

Our droidSURVEY app is made for phone and tablet Android devices. Download it from Google Play.

Create a single survey using your iSURVEY web site account and load it onto Android devices running the droidSURVEY app or Apple devices running the iSURVEY app.

droidSURVEY on Google Play

iPad iPhone

Survey creation on the Web

Create your surveys quickly using the advanced iSURVEY Web interface with in page preview. Discover how easy it is to use drag and drop to re-order questions and answers.

You don’t have to install an application on your computer.

Survey creation

Real time survey results

Your result sets can be up uploaded and analysed as quickly as you want. No more waiting for the data entry off the paper forms to be finished.

You have the option of automatically uploading results from device(s) if an Internet connection is available.

Instantly find out the outcome of your mobile questionnaire.

Real time Results

Survey offline without the Internet

You don’t need an Internet connection to conduct the interviews.

The iSURVEY app stores thousands of results on the device until you connect via WiFi or 3G and tell iSURVEY to upload the results.

You can choose to upload results from device(s) at your convenience.

You can load multiple offline surveys onto a single device and quickly select between them while in the field.

Disconnected Interviewing

Accurate results without data entry

Your valuable interview data is entered just once and by the subject.

The results make their way to you for analysis without any re-typing and are guaranteed to be what the subject entered.

You can’t get much more accurate than that.

Accurate Results

Supported survey question types

  • Text question: Prompts the respondent to enter information using the onscreen text keyboard. e.g. what is your favourite colour? (field where user can enter the text ‘purple’).
  • Email question: Prompts the respondent to enter a valid email address using the onscreen text keyboard.
  • Numeric input question: Prompts the respondent to enter numbers using the onscreen numeric keyboard. e.g. how many times have you visited? (field where user can enter the digits ‘25’).
  • Single select question: Prompts the respondent to choose a single answer from a predefined set of answers or selectable images. e.g. which of these colours is your favourite colour? (choose one).
  • Multiple select question: Prompts the respondent to choose one or more answers from a predefined set of answers or selectable images. e.g. which of these colours do you like? (choose as many as apply).
  • Grid - Single Select question: Prompts the respondent to select radio buttons within a grid of multiple questions displayed on a single iPad screen.
  • Grid - Multi Select question: Prompts the respondent to select check boxes within a grid of multiple questions displayed on a single iPad screen.
  • Grid Scale question: Prompts the respondent to select a position along multiple scales displayed within a grid on a single iPad screen.
  • Scale question: Prompts the respondent to select a value along a continuous scale or slider.
  • Interval scale question: Prompts the respondent to select an interval along a sub-divided scale or slider. Custom labels and/or images can be set for each interval e.g. (very satisfied, satisfied, neutral, dissatisfied, very dissatisfied).
  • Information screen: A separate information text screen inserted between questions.
  • Image screen: Display a static image on the screen with optional information text.
  • Date and Time question: Prompts the respondent to select a date, a time or a date and time from the picker.
  • Signature: Prompts the respondent to sign.
  • Photo Capture: Prompts the respondent to take a photograph on camera equipped devices.
  • Barcode Scanner: Prompts the user to scan a barcode or QR Code.
  • Dropdown question: Prompts the respondent to choose a single answer from a large list that can also be searched.

Question Types

Survey Question Flow (Skip Logic)

iSURVEY’s intuitive user interface allows you to easily set the flow from question to question depending on the answers given.

You can then test your questionnaire flow using the Live Preview Full Simulation feature before conducting data collection in the field.

Question Flow

Live preview full simulation

You can simulate the subject survey experience on your computer screen using the mouse and keyboard.

You can simulate the use of your survey on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad without going to the trouble of loading it on to the device.

Just go to the Preview page and use your mouse and keyboard to navigate your survey as if it were on your device. Even the flow works… and if you want to just quickly flick through the whole survey to check how it will work then you can turn the flow off.

You don't need a physical device to trial iSURVEY.

Live Preview


View your real time survey results using the iSURVEY charts.

The iSURVEY Premium Charts can be customised to display a variety of chart types, layouts, fonts, logo and background images.



You can download your results in the widely used CSV (comma separated value) or SPSS file format.

The results are directly viewable in Microsoft Excel which reads CSV files.

Your results are kept on the iSURVEY web site for 3 months after the end of your survey. You can access them, at no cost and at any time during this period.



You can download your results in the SPSS native format.


GPS Data Collection

You can set up your survey to record GPS Longitude and Latitude co-ordinates of your survey device.

The survey GPS co-ordinates can be downloaded in the CSV (comma separated value) file format or mapped using Google maps.


Hot Answer Email Notifications

You can set up iSURVEY to detect when a user answers a question in your survey form that matches your Hot Answer criteria.

If an uploaded result matches your Hot Answer, the results are emailed to your notification email address.

Hot Answers

Multilingual Surveys

The iSURVEY App has multilingual support built in. The survey language setting configures the language displayed in the survey on your device. iSURVEY currently supports Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Pashto, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and English.


Let your colleague securely view the Live Preview on the Web

iSURVEY makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues or clients during your survey set up.

You can send your colleague or client a secure URL for viewing the survey in the iPad or iPhone live preview simulation.

Using the Web based simulation, they can see how your questionnaire will function on an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone device.

Secure Preview

Information screens

You can set up a screen which only has information text on it, not questions and answers.

You can use this screen to tell the subject about what is coming up in the next set of questions or anything else that you would like to.

Information Screens

Set up your own survey branding

iSURVEY allows you to load your own branding images on your Start screen, your Conclusion screen and your Footer for each question page. The app supports custom background images, font sizes / colors, radio buttons and checkbox color themes.

Own Branding

Template survey form

You can create a base survey with all your own branding and copy it for each survey that you create.

That way you don’t have to load your own branding images every time.

Template Survey

Copy surveys

If you need a survey similar to one you have already created, then you can copy an existing survey (even if it has expired) and re-use it. Save yourself time by not having to type it all in again.

Copy Survey


  • iSURVEY allows unlimited devices – you don’t have to worry how many iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch devices you want to use.
  • Discount for multiple months – the longer a survey runs the cheaper it is for you (up to 12 months).


iPad Kiosk Mode

Use your iPad as a kiosk with iSURVEY. The kiosk survey form automatically restarts if it is inactive for a period of time. The time to restart is set by you. An optional warning message can also be displayed before it restarts.

Where a WiFi connection is available, combine with iSURVEY Auto Upload and Hot Answer features for immediate feedback.


Try without buying

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Within your account you can also create an unlimited number of test surveys that are each limited to 10 survey results. We welcome you to create multiple test surveys to evaluate iSURVEY's comprehensive features. You can load a test survey on to as many devices as you like.

A test survey can be purchased at any time. A purchased survey includes up to 3,000 results per month and access for unlimited devices. This means that if you decide to buy your survey you will be confident that iSURVEY works for you. We want you to be delighted with our product.

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